SR SUNTOUR Mountain Bike Disc Fork XCR 26" Thru-Axle 15mm EPICON-100

by SR Suntour



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SunTour or SR Suntour is a manufacturer of bicycle components. It was Japanese-owned and managed, based in Osaka, until the mid-1990s when its name was sold to a Taiwan conglomerate. Its products ranged from suspension forks to derailleurs.
SR Suntour: 26" Mountain Bike
Size: 1 1-8" = 28.6 mm
Spring: Air Suspension
Speed Remote Lockout
Thru-Axle: 15mm
Material: Magnesium alloy
Travel: 100mm
Crown race diameter:30mm
Rebound Adjust
Preload adjuster: Yes
Brake: Disc Brake ONLY
Weight: 1.82g = 4.05 lbs
Made in Taiwan
Warranty: One year


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