Sugino OX601D Road Bike Crankset For Shimano 9 10s

by Sugino

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Sugino is a Japanese manufacturer of road and track bicycle components, founded in Nara, Japan, in 1910. It made a variety of cycling components, including cranksets and chainrings. After flagging in popularity due to Shimano's increased dominance of the Japanese bicycle component industry in the 90s, the company has recently become more prominent, due to the rising popularity of fixed-gear bicycles and the cache associated with the 'Sugino 75" track racing equipment.

The Compact Plus+ is a double crank set design with a 110 and 74mm bolt circle which opens up a wide array of chainring combinations.
Instead of being locked to the common 52-39t and 50-34t options, you can make a great option for hilly touring (46-30Teeth).

  • Model: OX601D
  • Arm Metrial: Cold forged aluminum
  • Arm Length: 172.5mm or 175mm
  • BB Axle: 24mm oversized BB axle
  • BB: MB-608 II external BB cups included
  • Chainring 46/30T
  • Compatibility: Shimano 9/10 Speed  & Sram 10 Speed
  • Weight: 920g / 2.0lbs
  • Made in Japan
  • Warranty: One Year


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