TRP RL 970 Carbon Bike Bicycle Aero Bar TT/Tri Brake Levers Set TRP-RL970

by TRP



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TRP RL 970 Carbon Aero TT/Tri Brake Levers

The most innovative products are often the simplest execution of smart thinking.  TRP’s RL970 aero brake lever is simple, but look closer and you’ll see smart ideas designed to cheat the wind, drop hundredths of a second, shave every possible gram while giving the pilot the confidence to decelerate should the need arise.  The lever blade is molded from 100% carbon fiber to a shape that feels as good as it looks.  True internal cable routing ensures that your cockpit is uncluttered and aerodynamic.


Ergonomic lever design
For use with caliper or canti brakes
Aluminum bracket / Carbon fiber blade
Expanding plug clamp style
Internal cable routing
Return spring
For use with: 19-20.6mm ID aero bars
Includes Left & Right Brake Levers
Weight: 138g per set


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