Venzo AVX Bike Bicycle Road MTB Mountain Stainless Steel Rail Comfortable Saddle Seat - Medium Level - Racing Saddle - Size: 280mm x 140mm - Black White

by Venzo

SKU: VZ20-E01A-009R

11" x 5.5"

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MEDIUM PRO LEVEL: Please wear padded cycling shorts and ride on these high-quality saddles as all professional riders. It reduces the friction between your butt and the saddle or seat which enhances your cycling comfort. It prevents muscle pain.
COVER MATERIAL: Breathable synthetic Leather with just enough padding for comfortable riding.
RAIL: Quality stainless steel rails ensure strongly holding riders on the seat without too much vibration which could reduce the pedaling power transferring.
SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 280mm x 140mm. Weight: 319g = 0.7lbs, lightweight.


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