Venzo Bicycle Bike Handlebar Mirror Blue Lens 75% Anti-glare Glass

by Venzo

SKU: VZ-F03-009-R


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Full Angle Adjustment

360° mirror head rotating plus 45° handle bar clamp joint swinging allows full adjustment to the correct angle of the rear view. The stainless steel screws allow quickly locking the mirror at the right position firmly.

Solid & Long Lasting 
Very solid construction ensures this mirror to last a long time.  The mirror won't shake , crack or break even during downhill bike riding.

  • Blue lens anti-glare 75% with anti-reflective coating, eliminates glare in normal environments
  • Base Material: Eco-Friendly High Impact Nylon with Fiber
  • Inside diameter: Fits inside handlebar within Min 16mm ~  max 23mm
  • Adjustment: Fully adjustable with foldaway
  • Package: One mirror
  • Compatible with drop bar and flat bar
  • Weight: 72g = 0.16lbs
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Warranty: One year



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