Venzo Bike Bicycle High Pressure Shock Pump 300 PSI Max Fork & Rear Air Suspension with Digital Gauge - Great for Mountain Bike MTB Fork

by Venzo

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ACCURATE: Digital bike shock pump gives you exact pressure measurement. Much more accurate than a normal gauge pump. High pressure up to 300 PSI with clear digital gauge. Hi-tech LCD Display panel.
QUALITY: The barrel is made of high-quality 6063 aluminium. It ensures pumping reliability.
AIR BLEED BUTTON: You may have pumped too much air in the shocks or forks. The air bleed button allows releasing the excess air without disconnecting the pump hose. Micro-adjust 2-3 PSI air Bleeder.
PORTABLE: Pump length 12.6 inches, weight is only 7.23oz. Very light and portable. You can carry it with you all the time.


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