VENZO Bike Cassette Remover Chain Whip Pliers 5-11 Speed VZ-F33-058


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Venzo Chain Whip Pliers differs from traditional Chain Whip Pliers:

Innovatively designed to secure cassettes by pivoting with one hand, it protects your hand from sustaining injuries.
The predictable adjustable opening can be maneuvered quickly to fix on cogs with gear sizes ranging from 10-19.
It is compatible with 5-11 speed chains, and lowers the possibility of deformed sprocket caused by non-professional mechanics.
Because of the recoil spring, the cassette sprocket will be tightly attached to the tool; this prevents the sprocket from falling off the hub, and eliminates the concern of having sprockets strewn all over after the lock ring is loosened and removed.

Made In Taiwan

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