VENZO Mountain Bike Dropper Post Seatpost Remote 30.9mm or 31.6mm x 458mm Travel 150mm - Internal Routing

by Venzo

SKU: VZ-SCSP-01-316N

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RELIABLE: Precisely machined cartridge with fully sealed air and oil. Very reliable. Fit Seat Tube Diameter: Options: 30.9mm 31.6mm. Length: 485mm. Travel: 150mm.
LIGHT: Weight : 670g=1.47lbs ONLY. Lighter compared with other standard dropper seatposts. Max. insert: 175mm. Min. insert: 100mm. Remote adjustment control.
INTERNAL CABLE ROUTE: Universal Remote Lever. Package includes Seatpost, Remote Lever, Cable, Cable Hose.
SERVICE FREE: As the cartridge is fully sealed. Service is not needed on this dropper.


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