VENZO compatible with Shimano SPD Mountain Bike CNC Aluminum Cr-Mo Sealed Pedals - Dual Sided Q Factor / Axle Length 52mm with Cleats

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EASY TO CLIP IN & OUT: Double-sided design makes starting from stationary a lot easier, helping cyclists concentrate more on the road condition for safer riding. The adjustable entry and release tension settings allow riders to find the sweet spot for clipping in and out.
OPTIONAL Q-FACTOR: Stance width is vital for a proper pedal stroke and overall bike fitting. Getting the right stance width for your body type and riding style not only helps improve stability and pedalling efficiency, but it can also help riders avoid injury. Normally, the shorter (52mm) one is more suitable for small riders or people who is with toe-in(genu valgum). The longer (57mm) one works better for rider with more external rotation at the hip and eversion of the foot and ankle (genu varum).
QUALITY MATERIAL: The body is constructed from CNC-machined 6061 aluminium alloy body, and the axle and bindings are made from top quality Chromium-molybdenum. 4 removable traction pins per side for improved grip and control. Size: 96 x 75 mm = 3.8 x 3 inch. Weight: 429g/ pair.
SEALED BEARING & 9/16" AXLE :Fully sealed and LSL bushing bearing keeps Indoordle from water and dust, ensuring great durability and performance. 9/16" Axle is constructed from CNC-machined Cr-Mo for exceptional smooth riding. Cleat: Compatible with Shimano SPD type cleats SC-S01 included.
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