XXF Bicycle Travel Bag ECO Folding Case White For 700c Road Bike 26" 27.5" MTB

by XXF

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P4026 ECO Bike Carry Case
Color: White
Material: Polypropylene corrugated sheet+ foam
Inside Size: 150 x 18 x 86cm or 59" x 7" x 33.8"

Package weight: 9.5kg or 20.9 lbs
Include: Polypropylene corrugated sheet+foam+4 360°universal wheels+2 Velcro straps
ECO-Folding bike protector for easy travel, re-use & durable design, 360°universal wheels, interior foam for double protection.
Fits 26”, 27.5”mountain bike and 700C road bike (S size bike)


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